'Burnout' PSN vs. 'Burnout' Blu-Ray: Load Times, Saves And… Look How 'Small' It Is

Stephen Totilo of MTV Multiplayer writes:

"After doing some testing, Multiplayer has determined some facts that owners of different versions of the game should know."

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Arsenal4Ever3308d ago

THANK YOU. I Have the PSN version and everything is miles better in terms of storage and load times.


tlogank3308d ago

Me and my roommate both own a PS3. Would it work if I bought it and downloaded it, then login using my account on his PS3 and doing the same thing? Just wondering---cause I will probably get it if he and I can split the price (since he already has the disc version, he doesn't want to pay another $30, but loves the convenience of not having to put the disc in). Anyone know?

badz1493307d ago

I think you can dload the same content up to 5 times free if I'm not mistaken! I don't know if it applies with this one though

jaysquared3307d ago

Wow so blu ray was needed this generation then huh?

El_Colombiano3307d ago

jaysquared, because the downloadable version out sold the disk version on first day sales...

Mc Fadge3307d ago

You can use your PS3 account on 5 systems. Repeat, 5 systems. Once it's used on 5 systems, it can't be used on more (unless you call Sony and explain why, and they'll revoke an account). So, all content from one PSN account can be downloaded to another system. BUT, you can only use a PSN account on 5 systems. Hope that helps <3

FantasyStar3307d ago

Can I borrow your crystal ball? I wanna know the lottery numbers.

Jake11113307d ago

"Wow so blu ray was needed this generation then huh?"

This game is multiplatform which means it has to adhere to the 360s crappy dual layer dvd storage....

Some of sonys exclusives take up a large amount of the blue rays capacity.

I believe MGSIV took up a full blue ray...

jaysquared3307d ago

No MGS IV took a dual layer blu ray disk which has the capacity of 50gb but the game itsel was only 32gb just because of the cut scenes. Gamplay in that game was only like 5 hours and the rest were cut scenes. But we all know Sony and its allies like to blow things up and make their files larger so that they can justify blu ray. There's no PS3 games that wouldn't fit in a single DVD other than MGS 4 just because of its awfully long cut scenes!

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JustinSaneV23308d ago

"The downloadable version is only 3.3 GB, including the add-on content"

Simply... wow! It's pretty awesome that Criterion can't squeeze that great of a game into that tiny space!

Gambit073308d ago

I'm still sad about the trophy situation :(

Homicide3308d ago

So blu-ray isn't as great as many put it out to be. Oh what a shame. Getting the PSN version.

gano3308d ago

Guess that's y making a multi title stop progression a bit.
A dvd9 game can be a psn title.

Theoneneo813308d ago (Edited 3308d ago )

at homcide of course the size is gonna be small remember this game came out for 360 wich has the dumb dvd9

Drekken3308d ago

There is no medium that will load faster than something installed completely on the HDD. Dont make it out to be a bluray problem.

ReBurn3308d ago

It still takes more than a minute to load, so installing completely to HDD doesn't really buy you much, either.

FantasyStar3308d ago

The 2x BR-Drive in all PS3s - Isn't

REbirth3307d ago (Edited 3307d ago )

just suicide yourself plz...prob u dont even got a ps3, cuz if u really wanted this game u already had buy it...

LeonSKennedy4Life3307d ago

Blu-ray is great.

Want to see MGS4 as a downloadable game?

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GiantEnemyLobster3308d ago

360 Load time beats both PSN and Bluray :)

cellypower3308d ago

So u brought 3 copies of burnout?

PirateThom3308d ago

It might beat the Blu-ray version, but there's no way it beats a game loading directly from a hard drive.

CrazzyMan3307d ago (Edited 3307d ago )

on some forum i read, that x360 version loads in 20 sec.
is that true?

then loading times on ps3 - bad optimization..

EDIT: well, those people started laughing, when they read, that the ps3 version loads more then 1 min.

Dacapn3307d ago

on some forum i read, the x360 version bakes you a cupcake every time you turn it on.
is that true?

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