Sony 'Amazed' at Samsung's Blu-ray Death Slam

Spong writes: "Senior vice president for Corporate Communications at Sony Electronics, Rick Clancy, is none too happy with comments made by Samsung's director of consumer electronics, Andy Griffiths (not that one, American readers). They are spatting about Blu-ray - with PS3 being brought into the fight like a child in a tug-of-love divorce hearing tragedy."

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LinuxGuru3495d ago (Edited 3495d ago )

Weird....Samsung is a BDA board of directors member...they are supposed to take up any concerns with Blu-ray's future with the board, not spewing into the public.

beoulve3495d ago

PS3 and Sony is the only who getting all the love. Samsung of course not happy with this. Who to blame? Nobody.
Cant blame samsung to take a huge loses over their blu-ray player to so that they can sell it cheap. They get nothing in return
Can't blame sony for taking loses on blu-ray player in PS3, they are the one who pushing Blu-Ray to its victory over HD-DVD.

so it is what it is

Maddens Raiders3495d ago

Samsung is just mad because Sony wears the pants and Samsung is more of a bastard stepchild. Let them vent -- it's not like anyone takes them seriously.

dcbronco3495d ago

I'm also not surprised to see the Warner comments either. Actually all of this is old news. But this goes to the things fanboys don't look at. The fact that these companies are running a business. Samsung is angry that Blu-ray hasn't caught on. Sony promised big profits and quick adoption and it hasn't happened. They probably took a little upfront money or took on some R & D expense in exchange for big promises. All while Sony was telling them that the PS3 would make Blu-ray king.

Two years in and even Sony is still losing money on Blu-ray with the only option seemingly left being to drop prices and lose even more. All with no guarantees of a payoff.

The funny thing is, Samsung's problems are their fault. All of the Blu-ray people made the same mistake. They chose to go with a format that cost far more to make, with disc that cost far more to make, with a resolution that most people can't display and a mainstream consumer that can't tell the difference in most cases. Now while I didn't buy HD DVD either, if I were a company about to invest and saw that there was another format that offered all the same features and cost just a dollar or so more than DVD, had all of the interactive features in place day 1, with no need to overhaul duplication plants, I think that format would be my choice. People were just so enamored with the PS3, they went for it.

@Maddens Raiders

Keep taking Samsung for a joke. Apparently you don't know that Sony partners with Samsung on the manufacture of LCD screens. You also don't seem to know that Sony has been having problems getting the money together for the additional plants for bigger screen sizes. You missed that Samsung threatened in the past to go it alone , because they can afford to, if Sony can't get their share. And biggest of all, with just about everything else in Sony corporation not bringing in money right now, those new factories are the most important thing Sony has going. That is unless Blu-ray or the PS3 can start making huge profits. But that doesn't seem like it's going to happen.

Bnet3433494d ago

Samsung is taken seriously when it comes to TV, don't know about anything else.

RememberThe3573494d ago (Edited 3494d ago )

Blu-Ray will eventually take over as the leading format, however it will take longer for Blu-Ray to catch on because it is not as different for DVD as DVD was from VHS. Blu-Ray will be fine, the public is catching on and the movie studios are pushing it. Plus, the price point isn't bad at all, especially at So stop with this gloom and doom bull sh*t.

DaTruth3494d ago (Edited 3494d ago )

Hey, there's nothing wrong with being a bastard stepchild!!!

@DCBRONCO: The mainstream consumer must have serious vision loss and no prescription lenses!! I can hardly watch low res anymore.

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lipper3495d ago

agree with beoulve - says it all

GiantEnemyLobster3495d ago

I'm 'Amazed' at how pathetic the PS3 is, but you don't see me complaining about it!

Drekken3495d ago

Dude... back to the basement. Sad you have no games to play and all you can do is troll sony articles.

ThatCanadianGuy3495d ago

Yeah there seems to be alot of new 360 troll accounts lately
Someone's 360 must be out for repairs again..

Ice2ms3494d ago

hey were u the guy under the bridge a while back nice to see m$ offered you something to come out. What was it ... your 360 back from the repair shop ? Dumb troll

Pain3494d ago (Edited 3494d ago )

or should i say 'the beter PS3 gets the more retarded u get'..

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Fishy Fingers3495d ago

They'll get over it. Frankly Id forgot about the comment, bought several BRs since then to so I guess it wasn't very detrimental to the cause.

random67890123453495d ago

I'm 'Amazed' at how pathetic you are, but you dont see me complaining about it!

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