Sony: Blockbuster 40GB Price Cut Is Isolated Incident

Sony was quick to extinguish PlayStation 3 price cut reports from earlier this morning, and a rumored Blockbuster price cut was confirmed to be an isolated promotion restricted to just that retailer.

The price cut rumors started earlier today, when gaming blog Kotaku reported that a leaked inter-office Blockbuster memo had revealed the 40GB PS3 model would be dropping in price.

But not so fast. A response from Sony later in the day debunked the price cuts, and confirmed the change was simply a promotion being run only by Blockbuster to empty store shelves of unsold PS3s.

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Palodios3438d ago

Early price-cut rumors--> Company denies it immediately in order to prevent people from just waiting a week to purchase the hardware.

Expect it in October, probably around TGS time. I'd bet my life savings on a LBP bundle.