PS. Blog : Update on PSN Cards

As many of you have been asking for the PLAYSTATION Network Cards (especially in light of the huge PLAYSTATION Store content update yesterday)), we are excited to let you know that we have a full roll-out at major retailers on the way. The PLAYSTATION Network Cards will be available at Walmart, Best Buy, select Sam's Club outlets in October 2008, and at Barnes & Noble College Bookstores locations in November 2008. Cards are available in $20.00 and $50.00 denominations and are currently offered at BLOCKBUSTER, Pamida, Meijer Superstores and Speedway store locations.

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Harry1903581d ago

It took long enough. Tie for a shopping spree.

The Matrix3580d ago

Been looking at Blockbuster every week for it and they're still not there. Hopefully they're telling the truth on this one...

LarVanian3581d ago

I wonder when they'll come to Europe.
I really want to buy Wipeout HD.

Sevir043581d ago

I'm glad they finnaly got it out toother major retailers, walmart and best buy makes it soo much easier. and i wont have to add money to my wallet that way.

still i'm surprised they took so long to do it and still haven't gotten them in gamestop and EB games, that'sperhaps the most major Gaming retailer on the Planet in the US and across UK and Japan. oh well there is a best buy and walmart down the street from my house, come october i'llbe buying the 50 dollar card and having it in my wallet for this so i dont need my credit card anymore for this kinda stuff.

and it will be good because I only Buy PSN games when it's a major release so Wipeout Megaman 9 and Geon will be nice to have on My HDD and pixel junk eden as well.

cant wait

juuken3581d ago

I don't like using my card either. It's not that I don't trust PSN, but I'm a bit paranoid when it comes to this stuff.

SlyGuy3581d ago

I forgot how difficult Nintendo games used to be.

Talk about hardcore...MegaMan 9 is pretty tough! lol.

I guess current gen games have softened me up a bit.

arika3581d ago

I finally got in!.. This is my first post. Hope I was helpful to you guys... Watch out for more of my submitted stuff! Game on dudes!

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The story is too old to be commented.