New Xbox Experience: What You Want to Know: Themes 2.0 and Friends Channel

DirtyDiva of GamerScoreBlog writes:

"Ahhh Themes - There's been a lot of chatter about whether or not you can keep what you have, how they will look and how the new stuff will be different. We'll be tackling all of that today so pay attention! Also in this week's Developer Diaries, we're going to show you more on the new Friends Channel - another area we got a lot of questions about after we first showed it to you at E3. "

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Blip Blip3435d ago

The way they are doing the themes is pretty cool. I hope my Fable 2 theme has themed accessories like that NFS: Undercover theme shown.

outlawlife3435d ago

any themes up to this point won't have these things, just themes after the new dash

if you notice a lot of the independents haven't had themes released recently because they put a hold on production until they get the new specs and kits for the new theme set up

SH3MRON3435d ago (Edited 3435d ago )

I wonder if you could get 4 or 5 people in private chat. It would be very useful in games specially when some of my friends play with me because they don't speak very good English and people just start calling us racist stuff and we have to keep muting em. Just hope this patch has group private chat for games.

fufotrufo3435d ago

you can have a private chat with 8 people actually..its called party

outlawlife3435d ago

as said above you can have a party of 8 people

from the party you can chat, launch games, watch movies etc
or you can all be doing different things

Bnet3433435d ago

The 8 party chat thing is a double edged sword. While it is nice to talk to more then one person, it's going to ruin the strategy in a lot of games. For example in Gears you can't talk to your teammates when you die so with this party chat thing that's going to be abolished.

LinuxGuru3435d ago

Does these oh-so-wonderful themes cost money?

outlawlife3435d ago

they will be the same as themes are now

a mixed bag of free and pay

and just a word to the wise, pay themes are coming to psn very soon so if that was a shot at MS it will not last long

sony is soon implementing a "premium theme" service, expect it to show up around the first week of october

WhittO3435d ago (Edited 3435d ago )

lol! think you have miss-heard something there, havent heard anything about sony asking for money for themes, especially when we can just make them ourselves and put them on our ps3's.

dunno why they would let us have free themes for months then all of a sudden ask for money

outlawlife3435d ago (Edited 3435d ago )

it may not sound logical to you but trust me you'll see it in the store very soon :)

i'm not going to go into much detail but i'm a graphic designer working for an unnamed publisher and the fact is i've authored some of these themes myself

Chubear3434d ago (Edited 3434d ago )

You're talking out of your butt and you know it.

There's no way Sony charges for themes when you can get over 100,000 PS3 themes that are way higher quality than those MS makes the 360 fanbase pay for.

If this is actually the case then that would mean these themes (if they exist at all) will be like nothing we've ever seen before. We get free official themes off PSN now so to pay for something it'll have to be beyond anything we've seen done with themes to date.

The 360 fanbase have got to be the dumbest fanbase I've seen in a while. You're all ok with paying for stuff you shouldn't be paying for and accepting of absolute broken and damaged hardware technologies but will try to say others are clueless to having free stuff and proper functioning hardware.

This is why MS loves this fanbase cause they can get away with murder over and over again and they'll still be supported rabidly. When MS dumps the 360 fanbase in the next 2yrs the same way it dumped the Xbox fanbase, look to a vast majority of it's fanbase to say it actually a great thing to be dumped and lay out some lameassed excuse.

You guys are being taken for a ride, wake up for crying out loud.

"..i'm a graphic designer working for an unnamed publisher.." Oh please XD

outlawlife3434d ago (Edited 3434d ago )

i'm telling you, watch the playstation store the first week of october

sony is implementing a "premium" theme service in which the themes are of higher quality than most of the available free ones

pricing will be on par with xbox themes (around $2)

I said the same thing that you did at first because it really doesn't make sense but it is 100% true

because I also do xbox themes, I already knew about the 360s 2.0 themes because microsoft put a hold on most new independent publishers about 2 weeks ago citing that they don't want any new themes beyond what they have scheduled because they new interface is arriving soon and they are readying the kits to send out to publishers to design themes specific to the dashboard

you can call me a liar all that you wish but i know what i've spent my time on and i know what i'm being paid to do

WhittO3434d ago

lol well thats just going to fail if true because someone can just copy the entire theme, its design and sound etc and post it on net for every1 to download lol.

Its like asking people to pay for videos on PS Store they can get off youtube or something.

JustinSaneV23423d ago

Wow, impressive Outlaw...

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LeonSKennedy4Life3435d ago

I can't wait for this...except that...I mean, I'm getting HOME.

Gam713435d ago

Tried second life once.

Didn't like it.

LinuxGuru3435d ago

That is the oldest, most invalid retort in the book.

Stop with the second life sh*t.

Gam713435d ago

wow, are you serious.

Stop it?

Yes because the ps3 fans "retorts" about the 360 are always fresh and original? and accurate?

how about having ago at them when they bring home in a 360 only thread?
Or they says its a mii?

no of course you wont.

mfwahwah3434d ago

Second Life is a game. Home is a lobby. Home (lobby) is not Second Life (game).

If you think Home will be boring to sit around in, then you are absolutely 100% correct. Very few people will use Home as a "game."

That's why that connection is lame.

As for the Avatars as Miis comment you referenced (I think it's what you meant, your post was very confusing for me) works because they serve the same function. Only difference is the aesthetics, really.

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dirtrider3435d ago

i hope this "new experience" goes over smoothly. theres going to be a ton of users getting this update at once. i really like what they have done with the themes though- im finally starting to get really excited for this. so far so good.

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