The 1UP Show: Mirror's Edge, Resistance 2, Mega Man 9

The 1UP Show can't fix the economy and won't be in any debates tonight, but I think we'll continue to be successful in helping you waste time when you should be working.

Parkour (or "l'art du deplacement" -- I learned that from Wikipedia!) is the new black and in the case of Mirror's Edge, it's also the new hotness thanks to the shift to first-person. Matt Leone, Ryan O'Donnell, the "new guy" Giancarlo Varanini, and Nick Suttner enviously detail Faith's in-game exploits. We've also got an exclusive, internal proof-of-concept video from when Mirror's Edge was little more than an idea. And Faith was a dude!

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Blademask3526d ago

$100.00 says no game is able to do that on the console market except for r2 on the ps3.

Radiodread3526d ago

It's become disgusting. R2 isn't even released yet, moron.

tehReaper3526d ago

Blademask never makes sense anyway..