Disaster sells 10,000 in its first day

Disaster: Day of Crisis has received almost no publicity. No one, including gamers, were not even aware that the game would be releasing this year until a few weeks ago. Even so, the game hasn't sold terribly in Japan. First day sales for the game have reported to be around 10,000. Other Nintendo titles include Knights in the Knightmare (DS, 10,000) and World Destruction (DS, 43,000).

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Xiru3433d ago

Disaster is a disaster! Who woulda thunk it? Here is another core title that will be buried beneath the cesspool of crap. R.I.P Wii gamers.

DanteLinkX3433d ago

It had almost zero ads, and most people weren't aware of it, I think it did great under such circumstances, I think we all should support this game, I for one, Will proudly buy my copy, this game deserves it. Thanks monolith, always been a fan of your productions (Xenosaga, Baten Kaitos) now make the legal mumbo jumbo to bring some of those RPGs to Wii :D

jackdoe3433d ago

I'll only buy it IF IT IS GOOD. I won't blindly support Monolith even though I did really like Xenosaga.

mt3432d ago

i just knew about this game from famitsu review

Myst-Vearn3433d ago wii owners? I guess they don't buy anything that doesn't have "Wii" or "Mario" in its title...

Voiceofreason3433d ago

No great game has bombed on Wii. Are you really expecting a game that just recently got released to match the sales of games that were known about for 6 months to a year and actually got hyped? Like most good Wii games it will get a million or two in sales without being shoved down peoples throats on TV.

jackdoe3433d ago

10,000 is okay, but next week should determine how well it really is going to sell judging by its staying power.

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The story is too old to be commented.