Dear Gamedevs : Long Hair Doesn't Work That Way

Jay Castello writes: "Long hair in video games never has realistic physics and would always inconvenience the character. Why not embrace a greater variety of pragmatic styles?"

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garyanderson50d ago

It's one of those things that breaks immersion, if only for a moment.

annoyedgamer49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

Your website is terrible. Keep shilling. The ban hammer will strike soon. Cliqst, Newnormative and others.

DedicatedDark49d ago

Who the fck approves this garbage.

inveni048d ago

I've never been playing a game and got sucked out of the experience with thoughts of how I wished the character was just a little more frustrated with her hair that day.

letsa_go48d ago

Maybe you should develop new hair physics since you seem to know more than the developers.

rainslacker48d ago

Hair is extremely complex in real life. To make it realistic would take some rather exhorbitent resources which can be better spent elsewhere.

More pragmatic styles is cool and all, but that gets old.

But, there are quite literally hundreds of things with every character design which can break immersion. This is like complaining that a characters weapon clips under their flamboyant outfit designs. Maybe we should make their outfit designs more pragmatic to resolve the issue.

It'd get boring fast, because if you try to resolve every little thing that breaks immersion, it tends to lead to a homogenization of design which just isn't that interesting.

samden48d ago

I don't know if you read the whole article but it goes from talking about immersion breaking to pushing a political agenda. This was approved not because it is a think piece on hair, but for its agenda.

rainslacker47d ago

I didn't read the article at all. Based my comment on what was said here. Generally, articles like this which seem like they want to tell developers how to do their job tend to be condescending and mostly uninformed.

I saw it was some political agenda later down, and that makes it even worse, and even more glad that I didn't click.

If the comments indicated that it was a good article in some way, then I may have read it.

SCW198250d ago

Only game I have seen do it extremely well was Horizon and even that has some issues.

Tech549d ago

Horizon's hair is still too video game like and stiff, it also doesn't apply to everyone in the game. Nvidia is still one of the best with hair simulation
Hopefully next generation is the era when games will start using better simulation.

bluefox75548d ago

Don't know why you got some many downvotes. Horizon hair is pretty damn good compared to most hair in games. It's not perfect obviously (apparently ultra realistic hair is very taxing on the graphics), but it's definitely serviceable.

chris23548d ago

i got pulled out repeatedly out of the immersion in horizon BECAUSE of the hair. yea they put much details into it, but i was constantly thinking "oh yea, we know it, the main chick only got this hairdo because the devs wanted to show their ability to create this mob"... didn't work for me. at all. the whole chick was uninteresting asf.

Dirtnapstor48d ago (Edited 48d ago )

Tell you what, Lara's hair in ROTTR drove me insane. It was as if her hair was alive, slinking around on its own accord with every micro-bob of the head. Not natural at all. I will say it certainly looked good, but it just didn't sit right with me.

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Razzer49d ago

"also chip away at this association between long hair and womanhood, reducing the sway that these cultural values have over us."

For a second, I thought this site had an article without an agenda. lol...silly me

Kornholic49d ago

The important work of a feminist critic.

brokasfawk49d ago

It's improved a lot
Just think about those ps1 and ps2 days

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