The Promise of the Halo MMOG

Jim Rossignol sees the loss of Ensemble's Halo MMOG as a great opportunity. "Microsoft wants MMOGs to take the action-shooter route: It's called the DonnyBrook project. DonnyBrook is a research project being undertaken by Microsoft, the aim of which is to come up with a suitable network-code system for putting hundreds of people in the same game, all shooting in real time, without the kind of crippling lag that traditionally makes this kind of thing unplayable. An early proof-of-concept demo made using Quake III as base was quite convincing, and this means that the technology for a truly massive shooter is in the pipeline. Combine this technical leap with the Halo world - which is already being fleshed with a library of books and comics, ripening Master Chief's galaxy for more games in the setting - and we suddenly find that we're facing the best possible candidate for content-hungry MMOG in which FPS action is the main event."

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Bnet3433399d ago

I wish this came out. I mean seriously it's an MMO, the graphics aren't going to be outstanding. I would of loved to see swords and items within the Halo universe.

gambare3399d ago (Edited 3399d ago )

they can take an example of an existing SciFi MMO like Tabula Rasa

GiantEnemyLobster3399d ago

Would be sure to knock any effort at a PS3 MMO back into the water.

zornik3399d ago

When you consider the development time for MMO games.....i think this can be a launch game for the next Xbox in 2011.
Think about it....every console needs a killer game with a new system and what can it meen for the next Xbox......sell millions.
Another Halo FPS game is not a good id for the new Xbox.(especially without a Bungie mark on it)
The potential of a Halo MMO is fenominal with al kinds of classes and big 100+ player battles with tanks,plaines,etc...
It's also a nice opportunity to brag with the hardware for the new Xbox ......think about it.
You need alot of time to make this game......2011-12 is a possibility for a gold version and the deadline for the next Xbox.