New Xbox Experience in November

Don't expect the New Xbox Experience to roll out for over a month. In an interview with Scott Austin, Director of Digitally Distributed Games for Microsoft, IGN was told that the New Xbox Experience will be pushed out to Xbox 360s in November.

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sit down droid3579d ago

i supose with an update this big their is no room for mistakes atall.
the longer they spend on it the better it will be, TAKE AS LONG AS YOU NEED( not to long LOL) looking forward to this.

Exorgasm3579d ago

The avatars are going to be optional right?

sit down droid3579d ago

they will be their but whether you use them, well thats up to you.


I think the Avatars encroach as much as you want them to.

This new Live Expereince seems very flexibile to me even giving people the option of using a mini version of the current dashboard if they'd like.

I think the reason that this will be a huge success is that it is completely intergrated into the Live service and complements it beautifully.

Rivals offerings of up and coming online services seem very disjointed and gimicky by comparison.

Turning on the console for the first time after the new update is gonna be exciting for sure - almost like turning on a new system for the first time.

Two months to go..........

General Shrooms3579d ago

I recieved a message on live from Mircrosoft saying that Xbox live will be down on monday for the new dashboard

JustinSaneV23579d ago

It's maintenance for the NXE, not the actual new dashboard itself.

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The story is too old to be commented.