TGR Review: Strong Badia The Free

TGR writes: "I felt as if I was stepping into uncharted territories...uncharted by the standards of this reviewer in any case. The realm of Free Country, USA and its inhabitants were a closed book to me, but as I received a free ticket to visit this strange land I thought I should accept in the spirit of diplomacy. It was an eye opening experience, but before we get to the details I should talk about the story behind this latest chapter of the Strong Bad games. It's a story that both manages to be dramatic and yet totally absurd at the same time. In simple terms the King of Town has implemented a unfair e-mail tax that has caused the town to splinter into several different countries, some of which are right in the same house. As Strong Bad you'll have to unite all these countries under yours -Strong Badia- to usurp The King of Town and reclaim your ancient birthright to send as many e-mails as you want."

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