Best Buy Getting Gears 2 Pre-order RC Tank

So the deal is, whoever preorders GOW2 Limited Edition starting October 5th gets a remote control version of a Centaur tank for free! It's a COG vehicle from Gears2 and only available at Best Buy. It's going to be sick. I took a couple of pictures for you guys to check it out.

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Stryfeno23679d ago (Edited 3679d ago )


EDIT: Lucky for me, I didn't pre-order it yet...I will be getting this.

nonAsianDroid3679d ago (Edited 3679d ago )

I want the tank!!!

Freezingduck3679d ago

I love Xbox360, they have all the toys for little kids to play

JustinSaneV23679d ago

Best pre-order incentive ever.

Heldrasil3679d ago

What about us gamers who are actually over 10 years old (I know rated M right)? Give some of us "long time gamers" who are over 30 a good reason to pre-order...what am I going to do with a piece of crap like this!?!?! give it to my son? How about a few months of LIVE for free?

JustinSaneV23679d ago

So just because you are 30-something means you can't enjoy simple things such as remote controlled cars? You couldn't possibly play with it alongside your son?

And honestly, do you expect MS to just give away months of Xbox Live for free? Let's get a little more realistic with our hopes now.

Heldrasil3679d ago

Yes, I do enjoy spending time with my son and playing games. I simply think that when you purchase a "Mature" rated title in a "special edition", they need to make it worth the time of those are "mature" enough to purchase the game. Come on, seriously, how many people in the "mature" category who purchase this game really want an RC car? It will go straight to E-Bay...I love my 360, love my GeoW...but what I am trying say, is that "I" need better incentive than an RC car to fork out the extra cash for a "special edition"....

And yes, I do think MS should make LIVE free, and my opinion is pretty realistic considering many PC games out there (that are dated) offer free play. Do the PC servers cost less to keep in operation than the 360, I hardly think so.

JustinSaneV23679d ago

Maybe I'm just a kid at heart but I suppose that I can kind of see where you're coming from. I just personally don't see R/C cars as something "immature".

And I agree whole-heartidly that MS should make Xbox Live free. The problem is they know consumers will pay for it so why bother? Sony needs to get the ball rolling with enhancing PSN so that hopefully people who own an Xbox start realizing that Xbox Live is a waste of their money.

Sitdown3679d ago (Edited 3679d ago )

Are you serious? I really can not believe that somebody is complaining about this...excuse me if I come of a little harsh, but lets look at the reality of it. First off there are plenty of people who are over 30 that would enjoy this......but I am getting ahead of myself, let me go back. The limited edition of Gears 2 only cost $10 more than the original.......and the reason people pay extra is because of what is being packed into that edition. Now if this rumor is true, Best Buy is simply giving an extra incentive for those people to purchase the game from their store. You get a free toy.........if you do not like it, give it to your son......or wait, how about put it on your shelf as a collector's item. You know, the same way people do with baseballs, sports cards, etc... Search online and see how many RC groups there are, ranging from cars, to boats to airplanes....and notice that members cover a wide range...and some have minimum age requirements. With that should be asking Best Buy to give a free subscription card...because its their offer. It just seems so hard that you can talk about a RC tank.....when plenty people will say that playing video games is immature within itself. Lets a radio control car out in the real world......or sit around in front of a tv and drive a car around in a video game. Sort of hard to say one is higher than the other.

FantasyStar3679d ago

I don't like the RC Car.....Those months of Live free sounds more tempting. Last thing I need is more stuff clogging my space. Now...a voucher for a free copy of GeoW1 would be a sweet pre-order deal.

ChrisGTR13679d ago

man, who the hell cares. just go preorder it if you want the FREE RC CAR!! if you dont want it then shut up and dont get it. simple as that. i havent touched an rc car in a long time, but i dont care its free.

JustinSaneV23679d ago

The person with the obnoxious fat bastard as his avatar speaks great words of wisdom.

PS3n3603679d ago

For the M rated crowd there should be an inflatable "Dom's Wife". You could even gang her with your son lol!

Heldrasil3679d ago

Don't take things so personal man. Like yourself, I have an opinion and can speak what I feel in apublic forum. I never said I had a problem with anyone's hobby (mine, music and gaming). I just think that it's a bit weird that they offer these "incentives" for a "M" rated game.

Perosnally, I'd rather drive my "REAL" car in the "REAL" world than drive an RC car or play games or get even get my azz on the stage and play the music I love to write and share. Try not read so deep into peoples posts when you have no clue who we are in real life. A statement is just a statement, not a personal attack against you or anyone nor their interests. Relax man, have a beer!

multipayer3679d ago

That video games and RC cars have alot in common, you know, controlling them with a remote and all..

I just have a feeling this is one of those mini rechargeable cars that breaks in 5 minutes, $10 gift card and not buying some awkward sized limited edition case may be better.

poopface13678d ago

cause I dont want to pay more than 60 for a game.

If I was going to get the special edition then there is NO way in hell that I wouldnt go to bestbuy to get this free thing. If anythig I could set it on fire and drive it around for a while.

Also microsoft does give away free months of LIVE already. Gears 2 will probaly come with a 1 month trial just to get people hooked(like they did with gta4).

JustinSaneV23676d ago

GTA IV never came with a free month of Xbox Live when it launched...

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Lord Vader3679d ago

That is A-W-E-S-O-M-E !!

<< runs off to Best Buy >>

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