Pocket Gamer: Getting the Lowdown On GP2X Wiz

This brand spanking new machine runs Linux and boasts an impressive list of specifications, including touchscreen support, an ARM9 CPU running at 533mhz, 64MB RAM, 3D capabilities, 1GB internal storage, TV-out and the ability to use SDHC cards up to a capacity of 32GB. It also contains a 2,000Mah Li-ion battery that charges via USB. A feature which will endear the console to those GP2X users who hate having to rely on AA rechargables.

Keen for more information on this development, Pocket Gamerr got in touch with Craig Rothwell, the official UK distributor of both the GP2X and the Wiz. In an ironic twist of fate, Rothwell is also one of the enterprising chaps behind the aforementioned Pandora project, which was ultimately borne out of his frustration with the shortcomings of the GP2X. Clearly a man who doesn't mind having a lot of plates in the air at once, they probed him regarding this potentially groundbreaking new console.

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