New FFXIII Development Screenshots on TV Tokyo Yoichi Wada appeared on TV Tokyo today for an interview about what's currently going on at Square-Enix. He mentions the Tecmo take-over bid Square-Enix made as well as showing off some development screenshots of Final Fantasy XIII to show us that they are actually doing something. Thankfully, someone took some screencaps of the program.

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ShinMaster3732d ago (Edited 3732d ago )

Those kinda looked.....awkward.

Fishy Fingers3732d ago (Edited 3732d ago )

yeah... but we dont know how old these are and the lack of surroundings wont help as it makes the character model stand out more so it's easier to scrutinies. Hardly at a good res either.

But yeah not overly impressed.

sephy 9 2 53732d ago

to me. (1st two) It was the hair basically that made me say WTF. The third pic with the eye was pretty impressive.

Drekken3732d ago

Let the dumb down of FF Commence!!

Everyone give MS a big thank you!

Meus Renaissance3732d ago

Guys don't judge the graphics just yet. If you actually read the article you'll realise its more of a tech demo based on the lighting system of the game.

Fishy Fingers3732d ago

Still, if your showing it in your most lucrative market on national TV, even if it's lighting your demonstration you dont use a second rate character model do you.

Personally, I'm not amazed but it's far from bad.

Fishy Fingers3732d ago

Why? It's probably being built on a PC. You can hardly blame that. Not a single piece of code has touched a 360.

Drekken3732d ago

And all 360 fans will hate us, but I do too... but honestly, we can probably blame SE the most judging from their last few games.

PeeboDaKilla3732d ago

why blame the 360 irrationally? jeez, you fanboys defy logic. Fishy's right, code hasn't touched the 360 yet, and it won't until the PS3 version is finished.

Bots Of A Feather Fl3732d ago

Thanks but no thanks,I'll take Level-5s White Knight Chronicles

angry_xbot3732d ago

No wonder its a multi platform game now.

Jeez, one has to wonder. Did they downgrade because its multi platform or did they realize their game werent the pinnacle of technology and therefor also possible for the 3rd60?

Did the egg came before the chicken or is the egg the result of the chicken?

Jeez, Im just glad Whiteknight is Blu Ray, 1080P, 70 hour main story (like a real RPG unlike flopple 2 with its 10 hour main quest rofl) and plenty of replay value.

WKC ftw.

Shadow Man3732d ago

They haven even started to develop the 360 version. That is all power of Cell.

Montrealien3731d ago (Edited 3731d ago )

White knight chronicles will be great, trolls fail at life and gaming. And those sceenshots look great, you guys have eye problems? should go to the doctor.

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The story is too old to be commented.