Retail sucks, customer demands Mario on the 360

Over at AndrewDB posted an account of his experience working for EB Games and dealing with a crazed mother. The quick and dirty version of the story is an overly aggressive mother stormed into their store and demanded a Mario game for the Xbox 360...

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BlackCountryBob4345d ago

hehehe thats pretty funny.

Something tells me that this comments page will sadly descend into a barrage of "Americans/women/kids are so stupid and know nothing about games." Its a shame that these comments are often so predictable.

unleash bass4345d ago

They should make Mario games for other platforms, they'd sell, also Zelda games.

ChickeyCantor4345d ago

and nintendo will destroy it self?

if its their for the PS3 or the xbox360 i dont think people will be w8ting for the Wii.

Madmax12819804345d ago

Anybody Here Interested In Buying A Dvd Rewinder LOL.

The Snake4344d ago

Yeah, none of my friends have a DVD rewinder. They'll all be sooooo jealous.

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The story is too old to be commented.