ONM: Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood Review

ONM writes: "We have two confessions. Our first is that when we were younger, back in the Mega Drive days, we used to love Sonic almost as much as we loved Mario. Our second is that in recent years we've grown less fond of him, partly due to his hip new 'attitude' that he's earned which annoys us every time he opens his mouth and says something with his smarmy voice. So when we first heard that a Sonic RPG was coming to the DS we thought "sounds great... shame it'll have the new Sonic in it, not the old one". Turns out we were wrong.

Sonic Chronicles is old-school. There are no embarrassing wise-cracks, no 'rad' American voice acting and no "oh my God isn't Sonic so awesome, kids" moments. In fact, one of the first things that surprised us after we started the game was how normal Sonic has become."

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