Cardboard Senki (PSP): 18 New screenshots

18 New screenshots


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jams_shop3433d ago

that Level 5 is using the same game Engine for this game and Usiro as matter of fact they both look Jeanne d'Arc which is awesome.

gano3433d ago

It'll be nice if one of them could be a psp download title.

Splenda143433d ago

level 5 on top of their game

jams_shop3433d ago (Edited 3433d ago )

I was going through the pictures and noticed... well I think that this game it's going totally the opposite of White Knight Chronicles.
Ok lets put this way
White Knight Chronicles + PS3(a big console) = giants Knights
Cardboard Senki + PSP( a small handheld) = small Knights lol

Sena Kobayashi3432d ago (Edited 3432d ago )

This looks sickkk!!! the character desing are hawt they need to put alot of anime cut-scenes in it to.The last picture on the right with the VS reminds me of Gotcha Force but i doubt you guys know this game.

Im of to another thread with my MAX SPEED!!

Laexerias3432d ago

I wanted to give u a bubble, but i cant! I dont understand that bubble rules.. jeez!
But for sure, this Level-5 PSP Lineup is so made of win, that games are so freaking awesome.

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