Grand Theft Auto IV: Nine Years Later

"In 2008, I couldn’t appreciate what Grand Theft Auto IV was trying to do, and neither could many of my adolescent peers. Over the years, I tried to return to the game, as I have with other Grand Theft Auto entries. But each time, it has failed to hold my attention in the way that previous installments have. However, as an adult, I see the game in a new light."

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Bathyj594d ago

Worst game in the series for the impression and impact it made at the time of its release. Yes I even enjoyed GTA 1 and 2 more that 4.

SonyWarrior594d ago (Edited 594d ago )

I been playing gta since ps1 gta1 and played a ton of gta2 and so on. GTA4 was definitely not the worst one... it blew my mind when it came out and was what made me buy a ps3. The trailer for it alone was fire "things will be different". Story was very good the detail was insane back in the day and was never seen in this amount of detail in any other game. I remember almost hitting some one on a motorbike and having them chase after me was insane first time in a game i felt the city was alive. There were annoyances with this game though no other ones had such as the non stop phone calls from roman. Its hard to say what gta is the worst because each one broke new ground mechanics and pushed the boundaries of detail seen in a game. Literally every GTA game is like a stair case each one is better then the last game play wise and mechanics and detail.

Chaos_Order594d ago

When GTA IV came out I remember tons of people labelling it a disappointment, saying San Andreas was better, scoffing at its high metacritic, and saying everyone who said it was the best GTA was just riding the hype train.

And then when GTA V came out I remember everyone suddenly saying how GTA IV was the true masterpiece, and GTA V was a huge disappointment, scoffing at its high metacritic, and that anyone who called it the best GTA was just riding the hype train.

I won't even inject my personal opinion on these two games; I'll leave that up to your imagination. It's just weird how I remember this happening BOTH TIMES.

Arkayde594d ago

They're all good in their own way. But I was definitely one of those people who disliked both of the games. I'm still more of a fan of the PS2 era, but I can honestly say that my feelings are largely influenced by nostalgia. After taking nearly a decade to reflect on things, I can definitely see the value in GTA IV. But at the time, it was way too realistic for me. Now GTA V... well, that's a story for another day.

FlyingFoxy594d ago

Vice City, San Andreas and the stories games were most fun out of the earlier 3D titles. Most of the others were too serious and took the fun out.

Arkayde594d ago

Initially I felt the same way. It's one of the reasons for why it's so hard for me to go back to it. But in terms of morality, and realism, it's a great game.

stefan_771594d ago

Am I the only person who hated the story in this? It went on and on and was thin on plot