Wipeout PS4 goes gold

Sony XDev Europe:
“Well what can I say, other than Wipeout PS4 has gone gold! We can't wait for you to play it!! 😃”

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darthv72508d ago

Probably my favorite weapons based anti-grav racing series. Hope the interest in this compilation sparks the flame to make a real next gen entry.

indysurfn508d ago

Wow you seemed to narrow it down a lot. LOL. Anyway I glad they are making this. I honestly didnt know it was even coming out.

zivtheawesome508d ago

congrats, never really heard or followed it but every new and finished game is good.

madforaday508d ago

I am not big on racers but I played this on the Vita and I had soo much fun with it. The only thing I wanted was a bigger screen and a controller lol.

indysurfn508d ago

Well you certainly are getting what you want then!

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The story is too old to be commented.