Sony XDev Europe Teases Wipeout Surprises ‘In The Coming Weeks’

Sony XDev Europe, a studio that is reportedly working on unannounced games, said they have some "Wipeout surprises".

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XiNatsuDragnel266d ago (Edited 266d ago )

Keep on churning Sony

corroios266d ago

Wipeout was my first game on the PSX and i hope that Sony did a good work on this.

toddybad264d ago

Please say it's playable on PSVR.....please!!

AspiringProGenji264d ago

Wouldn't that be vomiting inducing to play this game on VR?

Aenea264d ago

Because it's going so fast or because VR is in general?

You have to add that tidbit otherwise people think you're anti-VR or anti-PSVR....

I would love this with PSVR support! And if it's first person it might be quite doable without vomiting! otherwise I will just drink a lot of ginger ale before going in!

264d ago