Rumor: Sony Price Dropping 40GB PS3 Model This Weekend

From Kotaku:

According to a Blockbusters' memo leaked to us today Sony is permanently dropping the price of the 40GB model of the Playstation 3 starting Sunday.

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*_*3580d ago

((poor microsoft they tried this generation but failed))

Bots Of A Feather Fl3580d ago

They'll try the next one,fail again,pay Seinfeld to do some ads for the flopbox 720,fail again,and we'll be right back in the comments section laughing at GiantEnemyCrab and the 2 other xbots left on this site

PopEmUp3580d ago

Bots Of A Feather Flop Together

A price drop and LBP and home is near I'm thinking where can the bots possibly go?

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3580d ago (Edited 3580d ago )

((poor microsoft they tried last generation but failed))

((poor microsoft will try next generation but will fail))


tehReaper3580d ago

I still can't believe you reply to yourself. Dude, chill out. Go outside and get some sun.

Sanzee3580d ago

How about supporting your own console instead of hating on other peoples. I can't even tell who is a Sony fan or a Microsoft fan.

Now days the only way to tell is to see who's trying to hurt their rivals' "feelings" the most.


Shadow Man3579d ago

WAIT a phucking minute.
Sony announces price drop = dead to xbox 360??
Microsoft announce price drop = desperation and NO DEAD TO PS3?


Spread Butt Cheeks3579d ago (Edited 3579d ago )

you call it a fail for MS but Sony is LOSING money big time. regardless...."Sony is permanently dropping the price of the discontinued 40GB model of the Playstation 3 starting Sunday."

whoopty shiit...its discontinued.

Sony is the fail. Fire sales to keep up only bringing their loses to an all new high. Thank god for the ps and ps2 aka "PS3's life support"


ShadowMan, you should know by now that if you follow Sony then that means you can't understand common logic:


GiantEnemyLobster3579d ago

Looks like Sony is getting desperate to get people to buy the FailStation 3. Gotta start cutting the price to try and get people to buy it. I wouldn't touch a PS3 with a ten foot pole unless its for sale for about $20, then maybe i'd think about buying it just so I could throw it off a bridge.

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Shane Kim3580d ago


Rest in sh!tty anal cum xbox2sh!tty.

caffman3579d ago

something you have a lot of knowledge about

cp683580d ago

Ps3 dropping price just in time for the greatest months the ps3. What an amazing Christmas it will be! Sorry microsoft, you had done great these past years, but sony is back

chaosatom3580d ago (Edited 3580d ago )

If the price didn't drop, then they will Rip Sony apart as always in their next article based on something they heard which is not even Sony.

I know a price drop is coming but I think around LBP or resistance.

Eventhough Sony says that they won't drop the price......They Will!

Jamie Foxx3580d ago (Edited 3580d ago )

i said it would happen to clear the 40g machines and i got 46 DISAGREES... guess from rival console owners, lets stop the gangwarfare before theres bloodshed

HighDefinition3580d ago (Edited 3580d ago )

LBP + price drop, is FULL of WIN.

Me and you both Jaime.

Jamie Foxx3580d ago

the 80g will have a price reduction just intime for the christmas rush

watch the disagrees again lol

HighDefinition3580d ago

I agree.

My crystal ball, said the same thing this morning.


sonarus3580d ago

I agree. LBP + price drop is full of win

Dannagar3580d ago (Edited 3580d ago )

It's a liquidation sale to make room for the 80 gig PS3's that will replace them, just like what Microsoft did with the 20 gig 360. Once they are out, they are out. It's good news while it lasts (for those that still don't have a PS3).

Lifendz3580d ago


Now is the time. 299.99 for a friggin PS3. Wow. 360 forced their hand with the 199.99 price point. At 299.99 the PS3 is right there and affordable for the mass market. Good stuff.

gaffyh3580d ago

I think it is a clearance sale. Most likely they will release another SKU

mikeslemonade3580d ago

I haven't seen a 40GB in the wild for a while. It's only temporary. PS3 does not need a price cut right now because it's going to sell out during fall and winter anyway. A smart price cut is during the spring to increase sales for the spring and summer.

FantasyStar3580d ago

..because it's Kotaku that's the source. I don't believe **** from them if it came out their backside.

eagle213580d ago

PS3 is truly the system to own this year and the next 5 years. No doubt about it.

himdeel3580d ago (Edited 3580d ago )

...never seen a 40 gig PS3 in a retail store on the shelf EVER. I saw one one that was sold back to the Gamestop once around tax time, but it was out of box. Granted I don't hang out at retail stores randomly asking or looking for a 40 gig PS3 but still I just think it's weird that I'm thinking back and just don't recall seeing one . So this rumor sounds WAY more suspect then some other price drop rumors I've heard.

whoelse3580d ago

Well it's a clearance for the announced 80GB version.

BabyStomper50003579d ago

"The price drop, which was verified by calls to a number of Blockbuster stores, will drop the 40GB model to [$360]"

Three hundred and sixty dollars? Coincidence?

Bubble Buddy3579d ago

If they to drop the price to 360, that's pretty ironic :p.

bushfan3579d ago

New retail $359.99 and new PRP say $ what is it?

Liquid_Ocelot3579d ago (Edited 3579d ago )

I got me today a PS3 for $400 flat(not tax, PR is not chargin tax 'till tomorrow @ 11:59pm for some flood that destroyed lots of houses, so the governor said no tax 'till SAT... I got me the 80Gb w// MGS4, Star Wars TFU & BF:BC for like... $500 something i think i didn't even spent $550. PS3 is INCREDIBLE, i didn't even knew it had so many things, im just like... it's just WOW

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Omega43580d ago (Edited 3580d ago )

Sounds like desperation, they'd probably have better luck dropping the price in japan not the US

Especially after they stated over and Over that they wouldnt, its seems Sony cant help lying to its costumers and shareholder

Meus Renaissance3580d ago (Edited 3580d ago )

What are you talking about Omega, I don't understand what you're saying?

Homicide3580d ago

They stopped making the 40GBs. It makes sense for retailers to drop the price of a discontinued SKU. This happened with the 60GB too when the 80GB came out last year.

The gaming GOD3580d ago

When MS does it, people say " it's not desperation". Even considering the 360 is already the much cheaper system.

But when the higher priced system (ps3) does it, it's desperation.

Hypocrisy at its best

facepalm3580d ago (Edited 3580d ago )

Just like how the X360 20GB Bundles were...

Two words... "Fire Sale"

Omega43580d ago

@ The gaming GOD

The only reason this is desperation is because, like i said in my original post, Sony has repeatedly stated that they werent dropping the price this year.

Since they are, they are clearly desperate since they had to go back on a previous statement

The gaming GOD3580d ago (Edited 3580d ago )

What you call desperation I call clearance.

Just the way MS dropped the price of the 20gb for clearance over the summer. If they drop the price of the 80gb, THEN they would have gone back on their word.

And even IF they drop the 80gb price, so what? Is a person going to say "You promised you wouldn't drop the price" and be upset at having to pay less?

Geez man lol

PopEmUp3580d ago

crystal ball tell me Omega will be here any minute but wait he here way before me 24/7 on N4g wtf?

Homicide3580d ago

Omega, if you want desperation, look at Microsoft with the 360 in Europe. They cut the price again. They had one around Easter, and it was way cheaper than the Wii and PS3. 360 is still struggling with the new price cut.

nieto3580d ago (Edited 3580d ago )

i think Omega is just joking. i don't think anyone could be so moron. read his comment, it doesn't even make that much sense. 0_0'

jams_shop3580d ago

That's what happens when you buy a crystal ball made by Microsoft lol j/k

gaffyh3580d ago

xbox fanboys are real retards, they go on and on about Sony needs to drop the price to sell PS3s (which is more the case for the 360), then when Sony does do that they start saying it's an act of desperation. At the end of the day it is GOOD FOR THE CONSUMER, you can buy a PS3 cheaper than usual, and you should cos you will regret not buying one when LBP, R2 and KZ2 are out (not too mention all the other great exclusives coming in 2009).

trancefreak3580d ago


cereal_killa3580d ago


Despite what the memo said, and what was repeated to us by a handful of Blockbuster employees across the country, SCEA says that this price cut did not come from Sony but rather is something Blockbuster is doing, likely to clear stock.

you obviously didn't read the whole article.

bunbun7773580d ago (Edited 3580d ago )

"... its seems Sony cant help lying to its costumers and shareholders"

It just can't help it! You are a failure bro- I'm sorry but as a proud owner of a 399.99 40gig PS3 i am in no way upset that I paid a higher price than what will be made available to new owners. I am not like some 360 customers that just don't know any better when it comes to buying the cheapest option, this is the one I wanted and the price I wanted to pay! Now it's going less and all you can say is they lied?!!

You are Pathetic. And since when did you give a hell about who makes Sony's clothes?

---and! It's not even Sony mandating the cuts----- it's technically Blockbuster at this point. Thx Cereal Killa /\

lodossrage3580d ago

This isn't Sony cutting the price. It's a retailer (blockbuster) cutting the price of THEIR stock. The cut didn't come from Sony

MS on the other hand could be considered "desperate" since their price cut OFFICIALLY came from MS themselves, not some retailer having their own personal price cut.

juuken3580d ago (Edited 3580d ago ) must mean that *other* corporation, dontcha?

This is a clearance sale dear. If this is true, then it makes sense to make room for the new models.

*shakes head*

BabyStomper50003579d ago

"as a proud owner of a 399.99 40gig PS3 i am in no way upset that I paid a higher price than what will be made available to new owners"

Yeah I payed 599 for my 60gb model and don't regret it a bit. I just bought SotC and can't wait to backwardsly play it :)

bgdaddy67803579d ago

its not desperation its smart marketing. yes i was most likely the XBOX 360s price drop that forced them to do it earlier than theiy hoped, but this well get sony back on top.

AAACE53579d ago

Hahahaha... Good one omega! Show them how it feels to have their comments thrown back at them! It's funny how all you did was repeat the same thing they did, when the 360 dropped it's price!

I hope you fanboys learned a lesson today! Words can hurt. Which is why you gave Omega 50 disagrees for saying the same negative comments you said yourself!

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*_*3580d ago

((little big planet will kill xbox 360))

LilMissGoddess3579d ago

that's funny...yeah it was said about Metal gear as well...but, has'nt happened