Wrath of the Lich King Collector's Edition: UK Pre-Orders

Gamestation are now taking pre-orders for Wrath of the Lich King Collector's Edition. If they sell out as quickly as they did in the US, people have less than 48 hours to put their names down for one.

When WoW's last expansion hit the stores, some UK stores were limited to as little as 2 CEs, most had 5 to sell.

Get in quick if you want to have one for the launch night!

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thetamer3494d ago

OOOOHHHHHH!! I love preorders!

Wuushu3494d ago

I'll be ordering this one fo' sho.

Leord3494d ago

Frucking hell! *running*

Dorjan3494d ago

Better get them asap!

kalos3494d ago

Chance of success near zero, but near zero is not as bad as zero. Hurray for it actually coming to the UK at least.

Maticus3494d ago

I actually got my order in - first one at that branch so I'm more or less guaranteed to get one, but word has only just got out so if you order one now you should be ok.

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