The Rock Hilariously Reveals Rampage Movie's Plot

The big screen adaptation of the classic arcade game stars Dwayne Johnson and hits theaters in 2018.

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441d ago
GreenUp441d ago

Brendan Fletcher aced his roll in Rampage.

XanderZane441d ago

Do I smell another flop? San Andreas was not great. The special effects was the only thing that kept me awake. They are actually making a sequel to San Andreas.

optimus441d ago

The Rock is fast becoming the female oprah. Everything he touches turns into money. Who would greenlight a comedy about Baywatch? but with the Rock producing, they did. Even that San Andreas made a lot of money even if it wasn't that great...There are better videogame adaptations that would be more suitable for him like Spyhunter, Rolling Thunder, Contra, even Altered beasts. So many to choose from....I do think rampage could be a major flop since it wouldn't be that different from the recent king kongs and godzilla movies out there, which ironicially enough is what rampage the game is based off of.

441d ago
PurpHerbison441d ago

Remember when The Rock beat the crap out of Mankind in that I Quit match?