Wipeout HD, or, What a Sony $20 Digital Download Buys in 2008

There's a list of reasons that the very idea of paying more than $10 for an iPhone OS game strikes me as… well, not unfathomable, but just a real big stretch. Number one on that list? Sony's $20 game Wipeout HD for the PlayStation 3.

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chaosatom3556d ago

is there a demo?

I know, i am cheap bastard.

Nineball21123556d ago

I just checked the PSN store in the demo section and I didn't see it.

But, based on the reviews that I've read, I think this is one game that I'll take the chance on and buy it without trying a demo.

It just looks so good!

avacadosnorkel3556d ago

There was 2 downloads for the game, one was the main file, and then there was a real small "unlock" file to download. So I'm guessing there will be a demo someday because of the 2nd "unlock" file.

But even without a demo Wipeout HD will melt your face off...if you have one of those TVs.

DevastationEve3555d ago (Edited 3555d ago ) guys complained when it was first known that Braid on XBLA was $15 (compared to the standard $10) but now $20 is okay for a PSN download? sure, i can see that the price did scale with the game (it's bigger than a standard arcade type game) but then again, Braid presented a more complex gameplay mechanic than other XBLA titles that might fit into standard puzzle/strategy type games.

not starting an argument, just wondering why there was such a flip-out over price back then at Braid's release.

BTW, BIG wipeout fan. since ps.

nbsmatambo3555d ago

dont compare braid (a new title that no1 previously knew) to wipeout (a cult hit that almost every1 loves)

bsides does braid run in full 1080p @ 60fps -.-


mfwahwah3555d ago

"it's bigger than a standard arcade type game"

WipEout HD is actually worth $20 because of this. There is much more content compared to Braid.

"but then again, Braid presented a more complex gameplay mechanic"

So should I go and pay extra for Fracture and Dark Void? They're technically using "more complex gameplay mechanics" than some other games.

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shotputking3556d ago

this game is unbelieveable... about 10 of us sat around and played this game for about 6 hours last night... and most of those were people that don't usually even get into video games. get it, trust me.

achira3556d ago

i think that is the best downloadable game in existance! i even believe it makes so much fun, like no other game for years. its really is amazing, especially with the game3.0 custom music!

VF34EJ253555d ago

I think this article has made me went from "Interested" to "must buy."

I want the mind melting 1080p!!!

Now all we need, is for them to teach other developers a thing or two about making games in 1080p. Hopefully, this is the start of future PS3 games being in 1080p.

TheColbertinator3555d ago

Maybe I will get this game.I have not played since Wipeout XL 64

GiantEnemyLobster3555d ago

Looks very dull, boring, and overpriced. In other words its another typical PS3 game.

TheColbertinator3555d ago

Power to you then.I gotta pick up Fable 2 next month so I have something good to play in October

GiantEnemyLobster3555d ago

Fable 2, exclusively on the Xbox 360. PlayStation 3 just wasn't good enough to get this game.

ThatCanadianGuy3555d ago

"Fable 2, exclusively on the Xbox 360" I could buy that on PC if i wanted.

360 has no REAL exclusives.

TheColbertinator3555d ago


Isn't that what Kojima says about MGS4 on the 360?

Silogon3555d ago

Wipeout HD has some of the best graphics I've seen this gen so far! They are incredible and they're seemless. No screen tearing, the screen moves at a constant 60fps and it's pretty impressive to see all these colors and all these images flying by at once. It's a great game, but one that will almost be sure to make even the most hardcore rollercoaster fan dizzy a time or two. It's that fast.

I've gotten a tad light headed while playing it. Anyone in doubt, this is a full on game. It has awesome unlockables, trophy's and a grat online. Check it out, guys!

angry_xbot3555d ago

Not only is this the very best, the absolute nr1, in futuristic racing, but this title is also Triple A at a BARGAIN price.

You will not want to miss this one out.

Fear, xbots. WipeOut has arrived.

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