Who is the New Nintendo 2DS XL for Exactly?

Alex S. from Link-Cable writes: "A few days ago Nintendo surprised everyone and announced a brand new addition to the 3DS family of system – the New Nintendo 2DS XL and the reaction from gamers was a bit… mixed. Not because the system isn’t a solid improvement over the original 2DS model (it is) or because it loses one of the 3DS’ least used features (it does) but because the messaging behind the new handheld seems a bit all over the place. I mean who exactly is this ‘new’ 2DS for? That’s the question I want to attempt to answer in this latest editorial from Link-Cable."

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Nyxus472d ago

The 3DS is still selling well. This is just a new option for those looking to purchase one, or replace their old model. It has a clamshell design so that's a big plus over the 2DS, and for those who don't care about the 3D this could be a good option.

Toiletsteak471d ago (Edited 471d ago )

Or they could, you know, turn the 3D off on the 3DS.

Nyxus471d ago

Of course, but what's the problem with giving the option? That way you don't have to pay for 3D that you won't use.

Cobra951471d ago

That's exactly who it's for. I never wanted the dodgy lenticular 3D effect. I wanted a quality option that gave me a good, smooth 2D screen on top. Instead, they came out with that crappy, big non-folding 2DS.

It's not just a matter of preference either. Many people can't see 3D this way, due to eye issues, or how their brain perceives dual images. The 3DS was never for them.

By now, I have no interest in the 3DS at all. Back then, I might have bought this 2DS XL. It should have been available all along. Better late than never, I suppose.

MacUser1986471d ago

People like myself who want the power of the "NEW" 3DS but who don't want pay more for the gimmicky 3D.

starrman1985471d ago

I rarely use the 3D on my 3DS now (in fact, I don't think the last Pokemon even had 3D on it) and I was in the market for the new 3DS, so if this is cheaper I will 100% consider it!

ninsigma471d ago

You're right, the last Pokemon game didn't have it. I was quite surprised by that.

DigitalRaptor467d ago

For me.

It's new form factor has me on board and I can now do without the 3D. It's perfect.