Video Games Aren’t Just Better With Stories, They Are Stories

In response to Ian Bogost’s “Video Games Are Better Without Stories,” CGM believes video games are inherently story driven.

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Tetsujin418d ago

In short, Video games is another way of telling a story. The fact someone can argue "Video games shouldn't tell stories," can be said the same with movies, books, music, art, and even comics/graphic novels. It's hard to imaging Metal Gear Solid through just reading or watching it without actually playing it at some point. Mario would have a different impact had someone just made a non gaming series out of it. Street Fighter wouldn't feel the same if there was no way of playing it. The list goes on.

I agree with the author; without video games there's a lot of work that wouldn't exist.

chrisx418d ago

The headline says it all

GamesMaster1982418d ago

To be honest the only games i buy are the ones with a good story mode. I'm just not interested at all about online bro fests and high scores.

Legatus416d ago

No story=no buy
For me of course 😁

Imalwaysright416d ago (Edited 416d ago )

Some of the best video games I ever played were the ones that allowed me to tell my own your own stories through gameplay and player agency. Zelda is the most recent example of this and to me is the best game of the generation alongside Persona 5. My favorite last gen games were Demon's Souls and Dark sould and those 2 games allowed me to create my own stories as well through gameplay. I really wish that most AAA devs got rid of the hand holding in their games.

AspiringProGenji416d ago

Tell your own story? You still falling for that PR crap?

Imalwaysright416d ago (Edited 416d ago )

I guess you've never played an online game. Haven't you ever talked to one of your friends about something you've done in an online match? I have and some single player games allow you to do the same because they don't hold your hand at all times and allow you to choose instead of just being in a forced linear path throughout the whole game. It's called emergent gameplay design.

Goldby416d ago


i think he's more meaning the fact that there is still a predestined story that will be told in the game, while you are talking about the details of that story.

AKA, story itself is Link faces off against Ganon, but the details are what make each story different.

One day we may get a game, that allows the entire game to be unique to each player, the closest would ahve been No Man's Sky in my eyes, which some people stayed on their own first planets others ventured off into the unknown

Imalwaysright416d ago

@ Goldby

Yes, Zelda has its own story but the freedom that its devs gave me, its unpredictable nature and due to the game allowing me to experiment, I could create my own stories and I would still learn new things about the game even after more than 50 hours of gameplay.

I love good linear experiences that focus on story like TloU but for me to really enjoy those kinds of games, above all else I need to care about their characters and well written characters, to me, is something rare in this industry.

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