WAR the "Fastest-Selling New MMO of All Time" - EA

Edge writes: "Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning has become "the fastest-selling new MMO of all time", according to publisher EA and developer Mythic Entertainment.

Over 500,000 players have registered for the fantasy MMO across North America, Europe and the Oceanic territories since the game was launched last week."

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Drekken3400d ago

500000, no way!!! 1/24th of wows population... they must be proud. Keeping the subscriptions up is more of a challenge than they think.

iceice1233400d ago

It would not have been possible had WoW not paved the way for future MMOs to have any success at all. WoW made MMOs, I hope EA never forgets that truth.

Hawkeyes3153400d ago (Edited 3400d ago )

What an ignorant comment you have just made. Mythic Entertainment is the maker of DAoC, a MMO that has gone on for 6 years. At the beginning they were very very populated, but not so much anymore. Why? Because Mythic failed to meet the consumers needs in ToA.

So therefore, I believe I can say without a doubt that Mythic Entertainment understands how much of a challenge it is.

Additionally WoW did not pave the way for MMOs. WoW took the ideas and concepts from every MMO on the market, picked out the good ones from the bad ones, and included all of these good ideas in one game.

warfed3400d ago

"It would not have been possible had WoW not paved the way for future MMOs to have any success at all. WoW made MMOs"

WoW ruined MMOs

Xiru3400d ago

Last time I checked, WoW had 3 million active subscribers and 5 million Chinese accounts. The majority of the Chinese accounts are bots and farmers. WoW is still the king, but 500,000 is a nice chunk of their real subscriber base.

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kydrice3400d ago

sad thing is that half of them are still subscribed to WoW and the other half will be back to WoW once WoTLK is out.

REbirth3400d ago

is u talking about a game that u never played and u think its bad just becuz u think is bad!

and u know a thing? yes WotLK will smash warhammer!

kydrice3400d ago

Wow way to pull stuff out your butt there buddy I have never said the game was bad and you make no sense because how would I know it's bad if I never played it?

Lord Shuhei Yoshida3400d ago

Then it will come back down again.Just like Age of Conan and several others.Besides the casuals aren't aware of this one.

Oh and 360 sucks


Perjoss3400d ago

WAR does 1 thing right that WoW (for some strange reason) took away from its players and thats open world pvp, WAR actually encourages it with all its capture-able cities. The public quests are new and fresh too, thumbs up to mythic!

Xiru3400d ago (Edited 3400d ago )

I suggest people who have a brother or someone else to play with regularly to make a Witch Elf and a Zealot and just go into the first scenario and own it up. Its the most fun I've had in a long time. Almost got a complete level once by slaughtering like 20 people in a row. So much fun. :) Also, to get the most experience, make sure you separate from the main scenario party and join like party number 5 that is empty. You will only split the experience instead of giving it to the whole raid. Super fast leveling.

LoveWaffles3400d ago

Not anything against WoW but I do remember a little game called Everquest that was out before wow that was the cats meow. Wow just happened to come at the right time.

Thats one thing I hate is how people have some godlike status for Blizzard. I mean they are good but come on people they didn't create MMO's they just got it popular.

kydrice3400d ago

Everquest had no more than 500,000 people max which is where WAR is at now at launch. WoW got the market to over 10 million. So yes WoW was not the first MMO by a longshot but without WoW MMOs would still be nothing but a niche market.

REbirth3400d ago

ok...yes u are comparing a master system to the 1st playstation...i think u know what i mean and what they mean!

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