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Emergence at Fextralife writes, "Prey, from developer Arkane Studios and publisher Bethesda, landed on consoles with a demo this weekend, ahead of its full release on PS4, Xbox One and PC this Friday, May 5th. We tabbed the game as one to look out for in May, and wrote an extensive preview of it. Having spent a few hours seeing everything the demo has to offer, I’ve put together a hands on impression of how the anticipated game handles. Does it spin in the same orbit of Dead Space? Or does it sink beneath the weight of its Bioshock comparisons? Let’s take a journey."

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TheCommentator292d ago (Edited 292d ago )

Prey = Borrowsuck.

Arcane makes garbage, and now they copy garbage. Everyone has their own opinions, but I hated both the Bioshock and Dishonored series of games.

XMessiah23x292d ago

Bioshock was great until Infinite.

TheCommentator292d ago

Honestly, I played the first Bioshock until it started to resemble Pokemon Snap. It didn't really capture my interest at all, and I just quit after that face palm moment.

I much preferred System Shock, Deus Ex, Thief, and other older games over Bioshock and Dishonored. I even like the new Thief better than either franchise, TBH, and the new Thief was a let down.

I'm not trying to knock your preferences, BTW, just elaborating about my own!

XMessiah23x292d ago

@TheCommentator, no knock we all have out own opinions. I disliked, The Last of US, Nioh and Persona 5 I get not liking what others seemed to say was awesome games.

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