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If you’re new to either title, there are three tutorials available for each game. The beginner tutorials cover the controls and teach you how to rotate the puyos and tetriminos. In Tetris you can incerase the drop speed, but this is not possible in Puyo Puyo. The advanced Tetris tutorial teaches you about clearing four rows at a time (Tetris) and holding a piece for later use. Holding is great for the vertical four block pieces or a piece that you don’t have a nook for at the moment. The advanced Puyo Puyo tutorial will teach you how to utilize combos. The combos will benefit your score no matter which game you play. The Tetris expert tutorial will teach you about last second rotations that defy physics and back to back combos. Both games reward you for clearing all the pieces from the board. Mastering the stair chains and sandwich techniques in the expert Puyo Puyo tutorial is critical for your survival online and in the single-player adventure mode.

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Tetris will never get old!