Electronic Theatre In-depth Review: Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

Being such a well publicised title and carrying the Star Wars heading, there was little doubt that Star Wars: The Force Unleashed would perform well at retail. That it shot straight to the top of the UK multi-format charts was also of little shock, along with the reported sales in excess of 1.5 million units within the first week of release. However, a lot of weight still rests of LucasArts latest foray into Star Wars videogame crossovers; having been touted as the missing link between the two motion picture trilogies. With Darth Vader's secret apprentice, known as Starkiller, having already appeared in Soul Calibur IV, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed is set to create a new legacy in the Star Wars saga crossing multiple forms of media, with comic books, a novel, a role-playing game and action figures already either released or in production. But can just one game, albeit an ambitious one, support such a heavy responsibility?

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