Evil Avatar: Sacred 2 Hands on Impressions

Evil Avatar writes: "Having never played the original Sacred from developer Ascaron, I didn't know what to expect when I fired up Sacred 2. After creating a Seraphim, a female angel like character, from the list of six characters and choosing one of the two paths, it was off to the world of Sacred 2: Fallen Angel. The world of Ancaria is filled with grassy fields, lush forrests, sandy deserts, as well as plenty of towns. The best part about all of it? It's completely seamless as their is no loading between any areas, indoor and outdoor.

The gameplay is pretty standard in terms of traditional click and attack RPGs. What's unique about Sacred 2 is the really deep skill tree. Your character will start out with a full set of skills, but each skill has it's own sub-skill tree that can be upgraded through levels and experience. Whether your skill is how you swing your sword, or how you cast a meteor down from the heavens, they are all upgradable to multiple levels. On top of this there are temporary and permanent buffs your character can earn. Of course in a game like this, it's all about item collecting, and there's plenty of loot to be found. It's found everywhere; in barrels, crates, thieves, and of course rats. For my Seraphim I absolutely loved the fact that I could pick up different sets of angel wing armor."

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