MoDojo Preview: Pokemon Platinum

Chris Buffa writes: " Pokemon Platinum tore through Japan like Godzilla on an acid trip, as Nintendo managed to sell a million copies in two days. This, despite it being a remake of Diamond and Pearl with a handful of extras. Then again, considering us Americans shoot one another for video game consoles, it's no surprise that the land of Pikachu erupted to score its latest battle monster fix.

As with all Pokemon games, Nintendo slapped a different character on the packaging. In this case, it's Giratina, a caterpillar/dragon/ghost/that's-a-horrifying-monster that looks like it can kill whatever it wants. It also turns out that the game's Sinnoh region (the same one from Diamond and Pearl) is a bit chillier, thanks to a disturbance atop Mt. Coronet that opened a portal to the Ruined World. To compensate, all of the trainers wear winter clothing, lest they turn to popsicles while rummaging for wild Pokemon."

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