GamerTM: Pure Review

GamerTM writes: "Pure is a game that's come leaping over a muddy hill from out of nowhere. It's really no surprise that it's caused little stir. Gamers just don't expect much from a dirt bike game from Disney. It just doesn't sound like the next big thing, does it? Well, funnily enough, it just might be.

There are many different types of racing game, some so different they shouldn't even be in the same genre category. A driving sim like Forza Motorsport has little in common with an arcade racer like Burnout, but ultimately in each case you steer cars faster than the next bloke in order to hit the finish line first. In many ways Forza has more in common with a flight simulator and Burnout has in common with a cart racer. The best comparison you could make with Pure would be to a snowboarding game like SSX Tricky. The game itself has you take control of an off-road quad bike and fling yourself around in it in, racing scenarios the developer has naturally described as being akin to riding a dirty rollercoaster. The team has done a brilliant job of bringing you an experience exactly like that, where massive leaps, twists and death-defying drops replace wheels cruising on tarmac and comfortably controlled steering."

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