Psychology Report: Being in First Place in Mario Kart Causes PTSD

A psychology study at The Institute of Mental Behaviors (Florida) has come to the conclusion that being in first place in Mario Kart is equivalent to one tour in a Middle Eastern war.

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XiNatsuDragnel510d ago

Competitive gaming does that to a person

AspiringProGenji510d ago (Edited 510d ago )

More like: Being in first place and almost finished, then getting hit by a blue shell, then fall to 4th place, then getting hit by a green shell that someone happens to have circling around, then another runs you over and pushes you to the side and finishing the race in 8th place

NapalmSanctuary510d ago

When I'm in first place I pretty much go into full panic mode unless I have a banana or two handy.

ZeekQuattro509d ago

Yeah unfortunately at least when it comes to the computer a lot of my defensive items are stolen by ghost just before I get hit by a blue shell or red shell.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory509d ago (Edited 509d ago )

or getting zapped Lightning Bolt then get bombed by Blue Shell - If not lucky -- Get hit by Red Shell/s afterward