GamersInfo Review: Wii Fit "I've been pretty excited about Wii Fit for a while now. I've been tracking the press releases and learning what I can. I was thrilled to find out it was going to be released in the U.S. market just prior to my birthday last year. Happily, my husband figured out the perfect gift (no, I wasn't subtle - I told him "get me this"). As of this writing, I'm now well over 100 days into my relationship with Wii Fit.

I had a little frustration getting started, so I want to start by telling you how to avoid this and save some angst. I was not able to successfully synchronize the Wii Fit Balance Board to my Wii until I had the game installed and running. The thing won't even stay on if you aren't in that mode. Once I figured this out, all was well. Yes, I could have read the instructions, but it was new and fun and shiny, and I wanted to jump right in.

There are folks that like to exercise. I know - that sounds so strange to me. My mother, for one, is an avid purveyor of fitness. I've never understood the attraction."

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