Even with Switch, Nintendo is still focused on the 3DS — for now

With the launch of Switch — a device that combines a home console with a portable tablet — you might think that Nintendo would be moving on from the 3DS line of handhelds.

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Goldby590d ago

if that really was the case, they wouldn't have just revealed the new 2ds xl, and there would be a 3d screen on the switch.

SegaGamer590d ago

Well they obviously aren't going to drop it any time soon. It sells too well for them.

Over time though, i hope to see everything exclusive for the Switch. There is no reason why they can't just make all games for it. Even if they have the same graphics style as a 3DS, i would still rather have it on the Switch. It would build the Switch's library massively and make it a memorable console in years to come. It is a hybrid console after all.

You could have 2 different types of Pokemon games. You could have one that is the same styled graphics as what you see on other Nintendo handhelds and a 3D Pokemon game with more up to date graphics.

Blu3_Berry590d ago

Well I mean its got a 50 million+ userbase for it so why would they ignore it? Makes no sense money-wise. Switch is only starting so its gonna be a while (if) they ever focus solely on the switch.

_-EDMIX-_588d ago

But you could argue the same thing for Playstation 3 or even the 360 we're both had install basis of well over 80 million when they released new content on new platforms.

I understand the 3DS is popular for them but they need to start shifting focus on support of the switch because they cannot continue the fragment the market like they're doing, they need to take a bold stance ,grow up and move on and let their consumers know all their support going forward is towards the switch

in my honest opinion that should happen by the start of next year , whatever content that they had lingering in development for 3DS I understand still needs to release but by next year there should be no talk about what they're creating for 3DS because of their is they're going to have a big problem on their hands in regards to questionable support for the switch

What I believe Nintendo should do is anything that they're creating for the 3 DS automatically needs to have a switch version.

They need to stop having their own damn platforms compete with each other.

Teflon02590d ago

I'm sure the reasons more of the fact bomberman and 12switch are the only games exclusively available on it. As well as Zelda and Mario kart being the only 2 big releases for now. I'm sure once the year ends, you won't hear about 3ds/2ds

Summons75590d ago

Yeah, this will be the last big year for the 3DS. Especially if they announce the heavily rumored mainline Pokemon or Monster Hunter on Switch, then 3DS is really done. It's had a good life, it's time for it to retire.

Einhander1971590d ago

Totally agree pile all resources into switch now, being as switch has the best of both worlds.