Arrivederci Jack

Todd Hargosh of GiN writes:

"What do all of the following have in common?

Howard Stern, 2 Live Crew, Doug Lowenstein, Target chairman Robert Ulrich, Best Buy director Elliot Kaplan, South Park, Grand Theft Auto, and Bully.

They have all been punching bags to a loudmouth; an individual who has spent all of his time, and his position, to attack these seven items (and many more I'm sure) for his own personal gain.

Of course, I'm talking about one John Bruce Thompson."

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hitthegspot3582d ago

"September 25th, 2008 is a day that gamers all over the country will cherish forever, for it was the day that the Florida Bar, months after the Honorable Dava Tunis of the Miami-Dade Circuit court found him guilty of 27 of 31 violations, found that John Bruce Thompson was permanently disbarred without leave from practicing law in Florida."