Big discounts on PS4 exclusives include Gravity Rush 2, Uncharted 4, Last Guardian and more

Several PlayStation 4 exclusives have been heavily discounted with Bloodborne dropping to $17.00, Gravity Rush 2 to $41.32, The Last Guardian to $31.00, The Last of Us Remastered to $16.97, Uncharted 4: A Thief's End to 427.01 and Until Dawn: Rush of Blood to $12.93.

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S2Killinit564d ago

Some big titles up for sale.

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RedSoakedSponge563d ago

sorry but i read your message as "Some big titties up for sale." hahaha XD i wish....

S2Killinit563d ago

lol I actually appreciate you misreading it. It sounds better

esmittystud101564d ago (Edited 564d ago )

I can't pay more than $20 for any platformer. The Last Guardian looks good but it falls in the same category as Little Nightmares, Limbo, and Inside. Which are all great games for $20 at max no more. I'll be the first to tell you, you blink and you have finished the game. Just too short to justify any higher of a price.

Skillz1215564d ago

so your deciding the price of a game based off what exactly? The last guardian was in development for years and your saying its worth 60m bucks? who the hell are you

esmittystud101564d ago

So how much should I have paid for Final Fantasy XV, $1000 since it was in development for forever? I'm someone that values a good game that I'm not going to blink and it's over. That to me gets the standard of a $60 game now days at release.

- The Wither 3 = $60
I'm not even to any of the dlc yet and I'm 207 hours in on the Play through. This is worth $60 to me.

I can start naming games I have a ton of time on just one Play through. I didn't say The Last Guardian was a bad game, I said I'm not paying over $20 for it. I'll pick it up one day.

I already own Little Nighmares, Limbo, Inside, The Swapper, Trials Fusion and all of its dlc including Blood Dragon. Paid full price for all and got them the day they were released. So believe me when I say I've contributed to smaller developers for putting in hard work on good platformers.

It just seems we differ in how we value games. To each there own. You value a game thats rich and over in no time the same as games like The Witcher 3. I just dont, that's all.

MrBrofist564d ago

Some platformers are well worth the asking prices like Kirby games at least the modern ones.

Sure the main game is short/easy but they reward you with bonus content like boss rush mode(aka the arena ), new game plus mode (play a harder version of the game with half your health), TRUE arena (which has the harder versions of all the bosses) plus sub games that are easy to pick up but difficult to master like Ability Challenges( where you have to run through a gauntlet collecting coins, defeating enemies, getting pass obstacles without taking too much damage within a strict time limit)

I have yet to fully 100% Return to Dreamland because getting all platinum ranks in these are insane.
So yeah games like these I think are worth every penny

KickSpinFilter564d ago (Edited 564d ago )

At $20/60 or anywhere between, Inside, Limbo, TLG, etc are all excellent games. If your basing worth on length of a game wtf?!? Inside was one of the best games that year would have gladly paid more to have had that experience. Consider yourself lucky that economy of scale does not apply to video games yet, other wise you'd be paying much more per game. Friggin Millennials, wtf?

jznrpg564d ago

I pay based on quality not length. Arcana is a long game but its low budget and poor design, by your standards it should be 100$ The Last Guardian is worth playing and worth spending money on...

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Asuka564d ago

imo Gravity Rush 2 was well worth the $60.00USD on release. The game got free story dlc as well as costumes. If you haven't picked it up i highly recommended it. You don't really need to have played the first game though that too was a very good game worth checking out.

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KimikoGaming564d ago

Oh damn... Uncharted 4 is 427.01? :O

remixx116564d ago

Literally every game in the title is worth a purchase.

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