Quantum Break Creator Sam Lake Thinks Games and Movies Will Merge in Surprising Ways

Sam Lake talks about the possibility of video games and movies merging in the future.

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DevilOgreFish592d ago

"Yeah, I think in some ways they will probably merge in surprising ways. But then again, I think that there is so much enjoyment and richness in having different mediums that you can pick and choose from."

more options is better.

NewMonday592d ago (Edited 592d ago )

the key is good storytelling without getting in the way of the gameplay.

Naughty Dog are the best at this and now other Sony studios learned from them just look at how GG went from average/bad stories in Killzone to making one of the best stories in gaming with HZD. even GOW is getting better and more sophisticated.

TheOptimist592d ago (Edited 592d ago )

No..... Games merging with movies is basically an interactive medium merging with a non interactive medium. The main appeal of gaming is interactivity and diluting that is what has been done over the past decade. Bring back interactivity than just movie games. Have had enough of these movie games.

UCForce592d ago

How about giving people option ? Gameplay is always come first but giving people option are so much better. I remember the original Max Payne and Max Payne 2 and Max Payne 3. They tell the story is so much better with great gameplay. Max Payne is always focused on story telling with great gameplay. Here the thing, it's so much better when you giving them both.

Liqu1d591d ago

Well other people enjoy "movie games". They allow consumers to have the cinematic experience that movies provide while having a degree of interactivity that movies cannot provide. If you don't like them then don't buy them, but they have every right to exist.

Allsystemgamer591d ago

I don't like x therefor everyone else shouldn't be allowed to do x

Sums you up.


TheOttomatic91591d ago (Edited 591d ago )

As much as I enjoyed Quantum Break (and all of Remedys previous games) the whole 72 gig additional download for the TV segments along with the base game was ridiculous. I have no problem with being inspired and influenced by movies and TV shows in your game stories but when you try to directly add Film/TV scenes into an actual game it comes off as forced and unnecessary.

Bronxs15591d ago

Exactly. If u want to make a great tv show then do that and people will watch it.

Likewise for a great game.

rainslacker590d ago

I'm not sure why movies/TV needs to be integrated with games. Games already have their way of telling stories, and they're already varied and interesting, and sometimes even surprising.

If games somehow merge with TV/movies, that'd be different than the other way around. It fundamentally changes the concept of movies and TV....and call me crazy, but actually makes them games....thus they're not merged, it's just games being branded as something new.

Games are interactive entertainment. It requires some user interaction to be a game. No matter how cursory, a game has this. A movie or TV show is not interactive. It's passive, and set as it goes through. If you change that, then it's no longer movie or TV, it's a game.

bluefox755591d ago (Edited 591d ago )

The trick is to seamlessly weave the storytelling into the gameplay, The Last of Us was a fantastic example of this. That being said, I see no problem with games that have no story and are 100% gameplay or games like telltale that are basically interactive movies. There is room in the market for all of these things, and the more choices people have, the better IMO.

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The story is too old to be commented.