WorthPlaying: N+ Review

WorthPlaying writes: "Let's be honest: We all love ninja. Fans always appreciate the silent assassin, the lethal warrior who spends years honing his skills to a razor's edge so that he can strike like a viper and vanish like the morning's haze. The elusive ninja hero in N+ for the Nintendo DS makes sure that it's not a game that you'll be able to put down anytime soon.

N+ puts you in the role of … what's his name, again? No, you never actually get to hear the name of your character, but that's probably for the same reason parents discourage kids from naming their goldfish; they know that death is soon to follow. Your little ninja cohort was apparently born with some kind of metabolic disorder, which enables him to perform amazing leaps, tricks, and other feats that should be well beyond the scope of any human. Unfortunately for him, this also gives him a 90-second life span; the pet goldfish has a better chance of making it through the day. So, what does your angular little buddy do with his brief time in this world? Why, get through rooms, of course! The goal in N+ is to use the time allotted to clear five rooms full of traps, enemies, and other hazards in order to reach the end of each level."

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