Loot Ninja Looking for Writers

Looks like Loot Ninja is looking to expand and give a shot to some new writers to share their opinions and attend industry events.

Loot Ninja writes:

"Anybody out there want to join the Loot Ninja team? We're looking to give a few people out there the opportunity to get your word out here at Loot Ninja. If you can write and speak somewhat normal English and have the time to put in, we're looking for you! Most importantly, you need to be yourself."

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taz80803708d ago

Write and speak english, hmmmmm, This seems like a stringent criteria, how about mummble and scribble? lol

fiercescuba3708d ago

Step 1. Write for Loot Ninja
Step 2. ?
Step 3. Profit.

Just like the underpants gnomes.

drunkpandas3708d ago

I spend a little part of every day thinking what step 2 really is... ;)

DNAgent3708d ago

Step 2 seems to be pooing out pancakes.

SeNiLe9113707d ago

Comment on my own story with multiple accounts to generate interest in my story.

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taz80803708d ago

Can the writers be fanboys and just spew hate toward other consoles for no apparent reason?

ex. OMG XBOX 360 is TEH LEET or NINTY IS [email protected] (this may be frowned upon)

drunkpandas3708d ago

While we aren't ruling out fanboys, you have to keep it under control. Everyone will have their preferred systems at any given time, but we don't need anyone that's going to do nothing but bash a certain system or two.

Immortal Kaim3708d ago (Edited 3708d ago )

If they are looking for talented writers, this has been posted in the wrong place. There are only fanboys and illiterate teens here.

Hagaf223708d ago

lol, and if they get one from here you can be ready for more fanboy stories being submitted.

Invalid Username3708d ago

I want to be a writer,I don't have and will never buy a 360 so is there a guarantee my work will be published

schmeidenkamp3708d ago

an email..... Hopefully I get considered. It would be pretty cool

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