WorthPlaying: Facebreaker Review

WorthPlaying writes: "EA Sports, the people that brought us the Fight Night franchise and massively popular sports titles like Tiger Woods and Madden have brought us Facebreaker, an "over-the-top, arcade boxing world." They really, really shouldn't have.

I love Fight Night, and Fight Night 3 was one of the main reasons for my purchase of the Xbox 360 console. Boxing and fighting games in general are one of the genres that I really love, so when a game, especially one from EA Sports, delivers so little and so poorly, it hurts me and makes me curse an awful lot.

The genre for Facebreaker should technically be listed as boxing, or possibly even sports, but it isn't. It's a fighting game, and I use that term extremely loosely. Not since Dead or Alive 4 has there been a game so utterly devoted to its own art style and overinflated ego. I even hate calling this game a "fighter." Soul Calibur? Now that's a fighter. Facebreaker is a button-masher."

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