WorthPlaying Preview - 'Battlestations: Pacific'

WorthPlaying: "Battlestations: Midway was an interesting, if flawed, game. Being able to simultaneously command a fleet and take control of a single part of that fleet sounded great, but a confusing interface, lackluster story mode and poor visuals meant that it was doomed to obscurity from the moment it was released. It didn't help that the Xbox 360 version was basically a port from the Xbox and PS2 versions. Thankfully, a lukewarm reception wasn't quite enough to douse this promising franchise's flame, and Eidos Interactive is giving it a second shot with Battlestations: Pacific. Designed exclusives for next-generation systems and rebuilt with the customer's complaints about the first game in mind, Battlestations: Pacific is shaping up to be one heck of a sequel."

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P4KY B3433d ago

The explosions are beautiful.

This is my most wanted game.