NGamer: Wario Land: The Shake Dimension

NGamer via CVG writes: "Wario isn't a complicated man, and making a decent Wario game isn't really a complicated business. In fact, we'd boil it down to one very simple rule: capture his bulbous incompetence without succumbing to it. Give us clumsy, piggy-eyed foibles, but do it with class and intelligence. Obscuro developers Good Feel (they've got just three DS English-training games under their rather saggy belts) have certainly bagged some sturdy foundations for their stab at ol' fatso.

The first Wario Land since the GBA's wonderful Wario Land 4 (remember, Wario's spinning GameCube platformer was a Wario World), Shake It! (or Shake Dimension in the UK) continues the puzzle-platformer skew. Where Mario hops, skips and jumps through his princess-liberation routine, Wario stoops, falls and suffers horrific bodily mutilation in his quest for gold. Pain ends Mario but it strengthens Wario, stings ballooning him into floaty Wario and zombies offering him the handy invincibility of the undead. Or at least they used to."

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