Molyneux: 'Fable 2 dog can't fart at supersonic speeds'

Fable II developer Peter Molyneux has moved to clarify comments made in a recent interview with CVG that suggested the much heralded dog companion "can be a bit fractured sometimes".

"I was probably talking about a build we had that wasn't completely finished. What I think I meant by that, and it's hard to remember, is that sometimes, when he was in development, and he doesn't do that now, but sometimes he could get slightly psychotic, shall I say? There was one time we had a bug and he would just be obsessed with anything that was evil and would literally follow evil people around the world to the ends of the earth. Obviously that's not what the dog's designed to do. Now I look at him in the current build and I think he's pretty amazing," Molyneux told

"The only thing I would say about the dog is don't expect too much," he said. "What I mean by that is he's just a dog, man! He's not going to wag his tail at 300 miles per hour and fly through the air and save you from the dragon of doom, no that there is a dragon of doom. He's not going to be able to fart at supersonic speed. He's just a dog."

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RadientFlux3436d ago

I have nothing but respect for "Peter Molyneux" if it wasn't for him I wouldn't be the gamer I am today.

HighDefinition3436d ago


That`s cool if you feel that way, but explain.

Bnet3433436d ago

A lot of people liked Tempest back in the day, maybe that's why?

RadientFlux3436d ago

When I was growing up I play a lot computer games that he developed.

Gems like Populous, Syndicate, Magic Carpet, Dungeon Keeper and Black & White.

lelo3435d ago

Ahhhhhhh Syndicate ... what a great game that was... the old days.

They really should do a remake of Syndicate... would be great.

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FreestyleBarnacle3436d ago

Never before has irrational expectation been summed up so eloquently. In other news sackboy does not create world peace and lancers do not remove our dependance on foreign oil.

TANOD3436d ago


PS360WII3436d ago

Well he just got some bonus points from me for that. To bad he got slapped on the wrists for speaking the truth though :(

RealityCheck3436d ago

Is that how the blue hedgehog moves so fast?

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