‘Final Fantasy 7 Remake’ Release Date In Second Half Of 2017 Still Possible

An investors' document recently shared by the company highlighted its plans for 2017 and the succeeding years. And there's a chance that Final Fantasy 7 Remake may be released later this year.

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PhoenixUp534d ago

We still haven't received enough substantial info for the first episode to even have a chance of releasing this year

DevilOgreFish534d ago (Edited 534d ago )

yeah... one of the biggest JRPGs is going to silently launch within the next few months, possible but not likely. fingers crossed though. E3 though is the year where the FFVII remake must make an appearance. for the sake of the 20th anniversary.

_-EDMIX-_532d ago

Agreed. That is just such a far fetch that I just don't see it fall 2017.

I mean who knows, what if they have a substantial amount done and just never showed us to wow us with a Fall 2017 EP--01 release date?

I wish, but I'm doubtful. They did get a great team to do the core game though!

CrimsonWing69532d ago

No it's not. Square Enix doesn't even have a release date on Kingdom Hearts 3, which Nomura is working on as well. The best thing I'm hoping for this year is a playable demo of the reactor sequence.

thatguyhayat532d ago

Kingdom hearts 3 is a full game. Where ff7 remake is in episodes.

OmnislashVer36532d ago

Yeah but hefty episodes at that. FF has always been known for having more plot content than KH. And we're expecting even more content.

Also KH has had previous games to solidify it's mechanisms... 2.8 played like a combo of BBS and KH2. The KH team has had plenty of practice to get what they want from all of the games they've done recently, BBS, 3D, BBS2, KH2... All of which they can rip systems from. FFVIIR only has FFVII to follow, which is 20 years old and none of the systems can be ripped, they have to be built from scratch with all new code. Plus KH development started earlier so it makes sense for the game to come out earlier. Consider that they also have like 9 characters they have with different fighting styles. So far we've only seen Cloud and Barret and they don't look anywhere near complete. We haven't even seen Tifa and Aerith... Nomura's says they're still working on the FIRST boss and we've already seen multiple bosses and mini-bosses from KH3...

It's highly likely KH3 is released first.

531d ago
_-EDMIX-_532d ago

FF7 remake has been in development for years, we have gameplay footage of it and its in episodes so we don't even know what EP01 will consist of to really say 100% no to fall 2017

TheOttomatic91532d ago

I know FF7R is episodic but due to the release of KH 2.8 I think KH 3 takes priority over FF7R

_-EDMIX-_532d ago

Different teams.

Square is not made up of 1 team.

So no, Cyberconnect is not working on KH3, I don't even think the main KH3 team even worked on KH 2.8 ie the entire team 100%.

TheOttomatic91532d ago (Edited 532d ago )

Oh whoops.had no idea 2.8 was done by a different team, I only mentioned both (FF7R and KH3) as Tetsuya Nomura is directing both and KH is his personal baby so I expected 3 to take priority

_-EDMIX-_532d ago

@TheOtto- I understand.

He is focusing his time on many projects.

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