Ps.Blog: LittleBigPlanet: Public Beta Madness!

SCEA Marketing Manager Mark Valledor writes on the Playstation.Blog:

"We have Lift-Off!!

As you may or may not have heard, the burning question recently has been - "HOW THE HECK DO I GET ON THE LITTLEBIGPLANET PUBLIC BETA!?!?""

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wetowel3582d ago


sorry I had to. hehe

DavidMacDougall3582d ago

Its sooooooooooooooooooooooo...... .good :)

Julie3582d ago

Don't be evil, don't tell me how good it is!!! , just pm me a key and i will tell you how good it is !!!! :3

Take a bribe bubble too :=P

TheTwelve3582d ago

...or I won't be able to eat, sleep, have peace, make love to my girl...

Gotta relax and just wait for the game.

Sony, I will not allow you to ruin my life! Take my money, sure, but you won't ruin my life!


bomboclaat_gamer3582d ago

i bet most of u guys that lives in the US on this site have no clue that in a couple of days ull all be 700 billion dollars in more debt lol. save ur money, stop buying things u dont need.

Prismo_Fillusion3582d ago

Actually it would be closer to $1.2 trillion...but they're still working on the (awful) bill.

Anyway, video games are an escape from real life. So don't tell us to forget about fun and focus on the bad direction my country is headed in.

I know a lot about politics, and I know a lot about video games - but the two are entirely separate.

bomboclaat_gamer3582d ago

when the economy crashes will u have money to buy games?

Prismo_Fillusion3582d ago

You don't even know what I do for a living.

And if you didn't notice, the European markets and Asian markets having been performing horribly as well.

TheTwelve3582d ago

The economy always rectifies itself. Give it time.


Drekken3582d ago

Bombo, its just hows how damn ignorant you are. You think when America falls (if we do) that the rest of the world wont follow? Get your head out of your a$$.... We are a lot of countries major market. Dont hope for our demise, you better hope we pull through.

And another thing... Dont go around telling people what to do. You sound like an old bitter mother that cant get anyone to knock your cobwebs off. Worry about yourself and keeping your 360 well ventilated.

TheTwelve3582d ago

Because of the close world economy, if any major country goes through hard times, everyone will feel it. But especially if America drops hard...

The Great Depression of the 30's was focused in America but was a world-wide phenomenon.


UltimateIdiot9113582d ago

There is nothing seriously wrong with the economy. It's thinking like this that puts the common man into a scared and cause a domino effect. The economy will bounce back up, it's all part of the business cycle.

Iraq Resistance ROM3582d ago (Edited 3582d ago )

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

Read! In the Name of your Lord, Who has created (all that exists), (1)
He has created man from a clot (a piece of thick coagulated blood)(2) Read! And your Lord is the Most Generous,(3)
Who has taught (the writing) by the pen. (4)
He has taught man that which he knew not. (5)
Nay! Verily, man does transgress (in disbelief and evil deed). (6) Because he considers himself self-sufficient. (7)
Surely! unto your Lord is the return. (8)
Have you (O Muhammad (SAW)) seen him (i.e. Abû Jahl) who prevents,(9) A slave (Muhammad (SAW)) when he prays? (10)
Tell me, if he (Muhammad (SAW)) is on the guidance (of Allâh) (11)
Or enjoins piety! (12)
Tell me if he (Abû Jahl) denies (the truth, i.e. this Qur'ân), and turns away? (13)
Knows he not that Allâh does see (what he does)?(14)
Nay! If he (Abû Jahl) ceases not, We will catch him by the forelock(15)
A lying, sinful forelock! (16)
Then, let him call upon his council (of helpers), (17)
We will call the guards of Hell (to deal with him)! (18)
Nay! (O Muhammad (SAW))! Do not obey him (Abû Jahl). Fall prostrate and draw near to Allâh! (19)

all american wealth is in america and in war conflicts not anywhere else, the part where its in the conflict u cant do anything except leaving those countries in peace but the money that is being high jacked in USA is done by bush and the Zionest who owns the weapon facilities/companies and oil, so basically this war on terror was made so that ur leaders and their supporters will suck out ur paying tax money!

how is that related to gaming?? well when there is less money in ur country then the people tend to spend less, which means not so many mommies and daddies will buy u an 360/ps3 this holiday season!!

Jeebs3582d ago

Did you see the presidential announcement by the Great Bush himself, trying to instill fear into people, yet at the same time reassuring the Americans that it'll be ok? Bwahahaha. Same fear-inducing announcements were done by the presidential candidates too. XD Oie vei, you silly americans.

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Invalid Username3582d ago

bastards,give me a beta key or stfu and let me play wipeout

Downtown boogey3582d ago

It's no longer about nations, ideoligies or ethnicity...

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