Strategy Informer: Damnation Interview

Strategy Informer recently had a chat with Richard Gilbert (Producer) and Jacob Minkoff (Lead Designer) to talk about the upcoming release of Damnation, a shooter set to be released on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.

Strategy Informer: Development of Damnation is taking on a rather unique approach by outsourcing all of your work to 3rd-party companies, how has that worked out for the team thus far?

Jacob Minkoff & Richard Gilbert: The production model we use at Blue Omega Entertainment is akin to the independent film model in that there is a small core production team that develops the concepts then brings together and oversees the groups that make the concept a reality. During a production we act as a group of leads and managers who also go in and get our hands dirty. Considering the number of games that have 200+ people involved in the production, this sort of distributed production model is what makes sense for use being an independent studio who is looking to survive and develop quality games."

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