Eurogamer: Pure Review

Remember the first time you ever rode a rollercoaster? The intoxicating, freefall terror of plummeting downwards into infinite doom; the feeling that you're surely going to die as your stomach flies past your ears. That's Pure's stock in trade.

Nestling somewhere between Burnout and SSX, you'll find Pure, hurtling through the sky, whooping and doing 1080 degree flips while punching the air. It's that face-wobbling devil-may-care speed madness, mixed in with mid-air sick tricks, that instantly marks Black Rock's quad bike racer as something special. Not only is it completely insane, it looks fantastic, and has that all-important addictive immediacy that makes it a ludicrous amount of fun from the very first time you play it.

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RadientFlux3403d ago

The demo was fun, though I'm not a racing game fan. Though I might rent next time my brothers come by and visit.