UGO: Kirby Super Star Ultra review

UGO writes: "Can we file somehow for a moratorium on Nintendo's retro remakes? Get their in-house developers focused on what really matters, which is to say coming up with new IP which doesn't involve the mindless tapping of buttons to a beat? If we have made such a move then the papers clearly haven't been filed yet, because Kirby Super Star Ultra hits shelves this week in an enhanced port from SNES to Nintendo DS.

"Look. We love Kirby. He's a pink gumball with eyes and feet who not only eats everything in sight, but also absorbs the abilities – when applicable – of the things that he eats. That's just… well… it's awesome. And while new, mostly Kirby-centric game modes to screw around with in what amounts to yet another minigame collection from Nintendo are welcome, we can't help but wonder how things would be if Nintendo released… you know… new games."

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